Loss. Redemption. Grace/Talking Back

Loss. Redemption. Grace

There are many kinds of losses in life
—lost love, unexpected death, public and personal tragedy—
yet the suffering and pain of loss may be transformed
into a pathway that leads to redemption and grace.

Reflecting on my own 20 year passage from grief to grace, I created an art installation for the 2019 group exhibition “Loss. Redemption. Grace” at EBD4 in Atlanta. In it, I featured two new sculptures “Grief in a Box” and “Buttons & Bullets” alongside a selection of paintings from my 1999 solo exhibit “Talking Back” which was inspired by the tragic death of my brother that same year.

Talking Back

In these manifestations, I am Talking Back—
Talking back to a world that breeds intolerance,
Hatred, and a callous disregard for life.
Talking back to those who commit violent acts
Against themselves and others.

Talking back to false pride and passiveness,
Talking back to convention and the
Pursuit of things as a measure of success.
Talking back to loneliness,
Talking back to God.

Talking back to those who would constrain me,
To those I empower to judge me,
To those who do not speak of secret things.

Talking back to my past and embracing it,
Talking back to fear and befriending it,
Talking back and receiving Grace.