In late December 2019, I brought out Fury, a mixed media piece I created for X.U.ME fourteen years prior. I stripped off the collaged attachments and used my mark-making as an expression of angst in the face of the many changes that have occurred since Hurricane Katrina—the overwhelming crisis that inspired the original work. In early January 2020, in order to document it with a sense of scale, I photographed myself in front of Chaos, the retitled piece. Because of an intuitive decision to dance around as the shutter clicked, I noticed that in one of the last images taken, my figure appeared to be shifting in and out of the artwork. This unexpected outcome of in-betweenness inspired the Embodiment series.

These Embodiments are singular, intimate images of my drawings, dance and photography all woven together. They are visual testaments to the states of impermanence and manifestation in our lives.